Chiropractic Plans For Businesses in Shawano WI

Chiropractic Shawano WI Corporate Chiropractic Service

As an Employer or Business Owner, we are here to help you. We’ve already helped several area businesses reduce their healthcare costs through many types of wellness therapy. Your business can be next!

Multiple studies have shown regular chiropractic care reduces employee injuries and absenteeism. Cornerstone Chiropractic & Wellness specializes in providing wellness care designed to help employees and their families get and stay well in Shawano WI.

Business-to-Business Chiropractic Discount Plans in Shawano WI

To provide better access to healthcare, our clinics are on most major insurance plans and we accept over 450 local and regional plans. However, not all businesses are able to provide health insurance for their employees and some plans, unfortunately, exclude chiropractic.

Call our office and one of our doctors will work out a plan specifically for your employees. There is no cost to you and your employees will get laminated discount cards from our office providing a significant discount off our regular fees.

  • No Cost to Employers
  • Significant Savings for Employees
  • Covers Immediate Family Members
  • Added Benefit for Your Employees



"Our company has been taking advantage of Cornerstone's Business Discount Plan for a little over four years now. Our employees have received great health benefits from this and are satisfied with the care they were given. It fits in as a great addition to our companies wellness program."

Waukesha Bearings

"Waukesha Bearings has been participating in the business plan offered by Cornerstone for about two years. They have attended our companies’ health fair and provided great information to our employees. Our employees are very satisfied with the care that they have received from Cornerstone Chiropractic & Wellness!"


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