Chiropractic Testimonials

"Absolutely amazing place. always friendly and make you feel comfortable with every visit. my back is feeling great and I love the treatment options."

- Audrey

"Dr Amy and her staff have been great. There very nice and kind always have smiles on their face. I would highly recommend going to Cornerstone Chiropractor."

- Laura

"Dr Amy and the staff are so friendly and have been so helpful especially throughout pregnancy and after even with breastfeeding. They are also so flexible and try to make things work to help make chiropractic care work in busy lives."

- Nicole

"The staff is wonderful and the updated building is so welcoming. I have received and taken part in many of the services offered. I get adjusted by Dr.Amy several times a month and feel so much better. I have had massages, yoga classes, acupuncture, and coaching from the various staff. This community has a shinning gem right downtown!"

- Jeri

"I have had lower back pain for the last 6 years and I finally decided enough was enough and started acupuncture with Raul who is awesome at his work and passionate about it! I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with my recovery and I have so many more avenues to try since they offer so many other services as well! It’s a one stop shop for your body and mind. So glad I found this place and I plan to continue acupuncture with a mixture of chiropractic treatments."

- Angela

"Hi, I’m Sheila. I was having some concerns with my feet and mid back. I chose to see a chiropractor because I wanted to explore something that wasn't a quick and/or temporary fix or worse, be given a medication that will just mask my symptoms. I have had great results with chiropractic and continue using it as a holistic approach to health. My adjustments keep me healthy in all aspects of my life. I encourage everyone who is having symptoms of any kind to try chiropractic before medicating yourself. Get to the root of what is causing the pain versus treating the symptom. It has helped my aches and pain so now everything is better; this will work for you too!"

 - Sheila

"My Family and I have been getting adjustments for many years at Cornerstone and I will keep going back for the rest of my life! They really help me keep my body in order and it is not just my back! They also help me with my nutrition needs and over all wellness! I love this place!!"

 - Scott


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