Hey, I am Dr. Aeric! Check out my new blog in Shawano WI

Hey, I am Dr. Aeric!
Check out my new blog In Shawano WI

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Welcome everyone! This is Dr. Aeric Berner, a chiropractor in Shawano WI from Cornerstone Chiropractic and this is going to be the space for my weekly posts. With this series, I want to start conversations while also providing relevant and practical information on a wide variety of topics. I love feedback, so if there is a topic you would like me to cover, please leave a comment and let me know!

Let Me Begin By Explaining The Chiropractic Adjustment & How It Improves Your Health In Shawano WI

Where better to start with the first topic than with the main reason you come to see a chiropractor — the adjustment! Adjustments are the primary therapy used in chiropractic care and with them usually come a lot of questions, especially from patients who are being adjusted for the first time.

The first question that usually pops up is — “doesn’t that hurt?” — which is an understandable concern! To answer that shortly, no the adjustments should be a relatively pain-free experience if done correctly. That is why going to a chiropractor who has been trained for years to perform those adjustments is so important.

“Why does the adjustment make me feel better?” That can be answered through one word - subluxations! To be more accurate it is the correction of subluxations that provides the relief. Subluxation is a term that refers to a joint that is not moving correctly. When subluxations are present it puts stress on the central and peripheral nervous systems along with other tissues around the area. These subluxations are what we are looking for when we are feeling your spine before the adjustment. We can determine where an adjustment is needed by feeling differences in tissue and muscle tone.

Providing your body relief from these subluxations allows the natural healing process to occur more optimally. How long this relief lasts depends on a number of factors such as how long this condition has been an issue, area of concern, and day-to-day activities. After determining these factors we put together a treatment plan with a frequency that will allow you to continue on the healing path while still dealing with the stresses of your daily activities.

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